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Fast Like A Girl

The book by the same title, written by Dr Mindy Pelz explains how women benefit from coordinating their physical challenges such as fasting & intense exercise with their monthly cycle. Quite different to the linear hormone journey of men, women need to navigate considerable fluctuations in hormone levels.

Cleansing protocols involve calorie restriction or fasting for various lengths of time, which prompts dynamic adjustment of daily functions. This metabolic shift represents a form of physical challenge and should be reserved for the appropriate phases of the menstrual cycle. The chart below illustrates hormone trends and associated phases.

Day 5 to Day 20 represents a resilient hormone profile that features empowering estrogen & testosterone levels providing a robust platform for physical and metabolic challenges. The predominance of estrogen production in the first half enjoys a low carbohydrate + high healthy fat diet. It is in these power phases that women thrive and have a greater capacity to excel at what they apply themselves to. The Manifestation Phase is a time to relax challenges a little with the addition of phytoestrogens to boost fertility at this time of egg production.

In contrast, Day 20 to Day 28/30 is the Nurture Phase dedicated to progesterone production for uterine lining. This is the time to take a break from ambitious challenges and add a modest daily allowance of healthy carbohydrates. The chart below divides each phase in more detail.

This approach helps women harmonise with the ebbs and flow of hormone fluctuations and avoid hormone resistance to cortisol disruption. Post-menopausal women will also enjoy benefit from mimicking the same monthly metabolic switching by replacing menstruation with the new moon and ovulation with the full moon.

Including a cleansing strategy within your monthly schedule offers profound longevity benefits, such as; stem cell & mitochondria boosting, cellular autophagy (cleansing), lymphatic & organ decongestion, inflammation reduction and enhancing immune resilience. As we proceed through the duration of fasting we access deeper levels of benefit, as shown below:

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By Kimballe Robyzen

Kimballe Robyzen is an experienced Naturopath specialising in women's health, allergies, immune, gut and mental health. Kimballe frequently works with interstate and overseas clients via Skype, Zoom, phone and/or email. Kimballe’s clinical approach is well suited to supporting you by distance, offering access to personalised health care to those challenged by distance and/or time.

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