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Adrenal Fatigue

What's causing your adrenal fatigue?

I will explain how to identify what is causing your adrenal fatigue

To start with … I’ll provide a little bit of context

Our adrenal glands belong to the Sympathetic Nervous System

When activated, we call this the ‘Fight or Flight’ state

It is our instinctual survival mechanism that responds to any form of stress or life-threatening signal

It activates our primal genes by stimulating our adrenals, which raises blood glucose & activates our motor functions to give us more energy and strength to defend ourselves

Our bodies literally cannot differentiate between a bank mortgage and running from a saber-tooth tiger …

For some of us it probably feels quite similar sometimes

It is exactly the same as having fire alarm bells going off in our bodies

When someone is triggered into the fight or flight state too often and for extended periods of time, our adrenal glands simply run out of juice

Let’s pause here for a moment …

& consider just how many triggers there are in our modern life that will activate this fight or flight state

You might be surprised just how common these triggers are …

For example …

– just pushing yourself when you are tired is actually enough to switch on the adrenals to get you the rest off the day

– even simply driving in traffic … we underestimate just how taxing this daily activity is

– over-exposure to electromagnetic frequency of phones and wifi modems

– doing any task with a sense of urgency or chasing those familiar deadlines

– exposure to substances that you don’t tolerate well will also alert the body to a threatening signal

– emotional traumas are included here … as cellular memory of past events are activated by associated triggers

Emotions are deeply impactful on the nervous system and often have a lasting effect

– this will also include any kind of negative thought pattern, involving any form of fear or concern

– taking on too much of a workload

– staying in a toxic relationship is a huge burden on the nervous system

This is often not acknowledged due to keeping appearances or fear of the consequences

– over multi-tasking is another common one these days

– and let’s not forget that bank balance that’s often nipping at our heels

So we can see … it’s quite impossible to avoid many of these sources of stress on any given day

Therefore, by default then …
we are frequently switching on our alarm bells every time we need to jump through the next hoop,
in order to keep up with this modern life

That’s quite a realisation, isn’t it?

These very common elements of our daily life are directly depleting our adrenals

In actual fact, our adrenal glands are really quite small, they are only about the size of a walnut

You can see them here, just above the kidneys

They are this size because we were only designed to sustain temporary forms of stress

So you can see, the underlying cause of adrenal fatigue is not that our adrenals become weak

It is mostly due to an excessive load of stress on our nervous system that depletes our cortisol reserves.

The secret to reversing adrenal fatigue is to protect the adrenals from overworking by nourishing & tonifying the nervous system.

– Kimballe.

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