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Diet Guidelines

Diet guidelines to suit individual needs

Our daily diet represents the most profound instrument of our health journey. What we eat either helps or harms our health, which varies for us all individually. The functional complexity of digestion and dietary intolerances has formed a significant clinical focus of Kimballe’s practice, as it has been for his own gut healing.

During the process of working together, you may be directed toward a range of diet guidelines listed below that will be aligned with your presenting health picture. Also included are various micronutrient diet guidelines for specific intolerances that may have been identified in a sensitivity test.

The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid

The Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid offers the most accurate dietary guideline for optimal human health and the prevention of chronic metabolic conditions. 

There is room for marginal adjustments to suit individual needs. Observing the overall composition that divides each food group by % is of most importance. 

This diet guideline is still largely plant-based with non-starchy vegetables occupying the largest portion. Use this food pyramid as a fundamental guide to your baseline diet. Apply any of the additional diet filters that apply to you.

Image credit: The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.