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Sensitivity Test

Our immune system is confronted by a ridiculously long list of chemical residues and unnatural processed foods to decipher good from bad. While at the same time trying to do its best under the suppression of high levels of chronic stress. Despite this unrealistic expectation, the immune system often receives the blame for being over-reactive or confused.

Similar intolerances can also apply to healthy, beneficial substances. Sensitivities can emerge for a range of reasons, such as; over-exposure, microbiome dysbiosis, digestive insufficiency, traumatic events and auto-immune anomalies. However, the predominant driver of intolerance and hypersensitivity in general is this rather recent post-commercial agriculture era that has fostered an inflamed and hyper-permeable gut. As a consequence, a growing number of people are developing multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies.

The main objectives required to restore immune resilience is to support the burden of stress, minimise the degree of leaky gut, blunt candida overgrowth, manage histamine levels and regular cleansing. Observing these factors will help keep the lymphatic pathways open, making it much easier for your immune system to eliminate pathogens, metabolites, toxins, microbes and infection.

Understanding which hidden micronutrients and/or environmental substances that are responsible for activating immune over-reaction offers great insight into how to navigate diet and lifestyle to speed up gut healing and immune recovery. Our sensitivity test covers a very broad range of hundreds of these hidden substances. The focussed detail of each test is tailored to match your presenting symptom picture and themes of immune challenge. Results will give % score reactivity to the primary antigens.

Adult:  $197
Child: $125


1. Purchase test & fill out form

Once you’ve purchased a test, you will receive an email with a link to fill out the Sensitivity Test Form.

2. Take hair & blood sample

We will send out a test kit via post with instructions on how to take a sample of your blood & hair.  You can also refer to the video below.

3. Post hair & blood sample

Post your sample to the address below.

Kimballe Robyzen
36 Wisteria Court
Tallebudgera Valley
QLD 4228.

4. Contact Kimballe to book results

Contact Kimballe via email or text (details in the footer) to book your 15min consult and go over the results.