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Hormone Testing

Track your hormones

Reproductive hormones have potent endocrine effects on many physiological and psychological functions. Maintaining the ideal ratio between each hormone is critical to avoid unpleasant symptoms. This is of particular importance during ovulation and menstruation for women. Tracking your hormone status at significant life milestones will provide insight to this useful barometer of health.

Salivary Hormone Levels $197

Hormone levels tested in blood include both bound and free hormones, which dilutes results. Testing unbound, active hormones in saliva offers more accurate results that give clearer direction to actual hormone ratios responsible for symptom expression.

Download Salivary Hormone Levels Sample Report

Estrogen Metabolites $260

Comprehensive and efficient estrogen metabolism protects against estrogen sensitive cancers, such as breast cancer. There are three principle types that have either proliferative, mutagenic or protective effects. The ratios between them determine cancer risk. Consider this test to track progression and/or prevention.

Download Estrogen Metabolites Sample Report

Dutch Test $440

This is the gold standard hormone test that includes: hormone levels, estrogen metabolites and cortisol. Stress is one of the main mechanisms that disrupt hormone regulation. Including cortisol in your hormone picture will often validate the impact it is having on your other hormone results.

Download Dutch Test Sample Report

Cortisol Profile Test $98

Cortisol testing is the most accurate and powerful non-invasive salivary hormone test that evaluates bioactive levels of the body’s important stress hormone cortisol. It serves as a critical tool for uncovering biochemical imbalances underlying anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, dysglycemia, and a host of other clinical conditions that may affect our day to day lives.

Download Cortisol Profile Sample Report

Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment $170

Thyroid abnormalities are one of the most common endocrine disorders affecting millions worldwide. Thyroid hormones are well known for their role in basal metabolic rate, development and growth. This test is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of thyroid hormone metabolism. It includes central thyroid gland regulation and activity, thyroid production and secretion, peripheral thyroid conversion, and thyroid autoimmunity.

Download Thyroid Test Sample Report

Insulin Resistance Test (IRT) $98

IRT tests for these 3 things: Fasting Glucose, Insulin, HOMA-IR score. Insulin resistance is a condition where cells fail to respond to the normal actions of insulin which is produced by the pancreas. When the body produces insulin under conditions of insulin resistance, the cells in the body are resistant to the insulin and are unable to use it as effectively. This can lead to high blood sugar and pancreatic dysfunction.

Note: This is a blood test, so you will need to visit your nearest QML pathology centre for collection of your blood.


1. Make payment & fill out Testing Registration Form

Click on the ‘ORDER TEST’ button above and it will take you to the Naturopathic Testing Registration Form. Please fill out your details and make payment. 

2. Receive email from Nutripath

You will then receive an email from Nutripath with specific Test instructions.

3. Conduct Test

The test will be posted to you and is conducted from the convenience of your own home. Sample collection should be taken on day 21 for menstruating women.

Test results can take between 2 weeks from when the lab receives your sample.

4. Book Review

Once results are received, you will be contacted to book a 15min review via phone or zoom.