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The Application of Detoxification for Dental Health

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Dr. David Cowick's podcast and his co-host, Bojan Zimmermann to talk about the different ways you can detox your body and how your Oral Fitness can benefit from it.

Episode at-a-glance:
1:33 Kimballe’s story of how he became a health practitioner.
3:44 How is Kimballe helping his patients when it comes to detoxing?
7:05 Different types of fasting so you can learn what might work for you.
12:40 What is the best method of fasting based on your body type?
14:02 Do women detox differently than men?
16:42 How can you prepare yourself before a dental procedure?
22:25 Kimballe’s upcoming projects and events.
24:47 Fasting tips you should know to succeed.
28:48 What is intermittent fasting? Does it have health benefits?
30:20 What to eat to break your fast?
34:40 Toothache and no dental appointment for days! What can I do?

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By Kimballe Robyzen

Kimballe Robyzen is an experienced Naturopath specialising in women's health, allergies, immune, gut and mental health. Kimballe frequently works with interstate and overseas clients via Skype, Zoom, phone and/or email. Kimballe’s clinical approach is well suited to supporting you by distance, offering access to personalised health care to those challenged by distance and/or time.

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