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Cleansing Hub

Why Cleanse?

Regular cleansing is the most profound intervention you can include in your holistic health plan that will help your body cope with the modern world’s escalating toxic load by flushing your elimination pathways. In so doing, reducing oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Effectively, having an anti-aging impact on cellular health and boosting immune resilience.

There are many patterns of fasting, starting with one day/week and increasing duration up to 5-7 days/month. Refer to the Fasting Benefits Timeline.

The 1st day of fasting is the most challenging, due to the contrast from long-term overeating. The absence of food can be a psychological, metabolic & sometimes emotional shock, with hunger and cravings from blood sugar fluctuations. Most people become disillusioned at this stage, expecting it to get even harder each day. Surprisingly, the opposite is actually true. It gets easier every day, as your metabolism moves toward the fat-burning ketogenic state. In fact after day 3, you enter nutritonal ketosis and all hunger disappears … Yep, you read that right!

Harnessing Nutritional Ketosis

Nutritional ketosis is a survival metabolic mechanism designed into our genetics to optimise our functional and cognitive needs in times of food scarcity … we are simply mimicking food scarcity with intentional fasting to receive the benefits of this metabolic advantage to allow our body the opportunity to stop absorbing food and switch gears to clean house and repair damaged cells.

Personally, this is why I eventually settled on a 5-day fasting cleanse every month (Monday to Friday) during the full moon. I wish to receive the deeper cleansing benefits of stubborn toxin removal and stem cell healing that is only available with extended day fasting beyond 3 days. Building your fasting muscle requires training your metabolism to be more flexible. So that it can convert any macronutrient (carbs, protein, fats) into energy seamlessly, without delay. Most people’s metabolism is carbohydrate-dependent, causing them to need to eat and snack often throughout the day to attempt to manage their blood sugar.

Enhancing Metabolic Flexibility

Improvement is achieved by gradually shortening your eating window to 8hrs/day with intermittent fasting by reducing meals to two main meals per day (brunch + dinner). In addition, it is helpful to give your metabolism more practice at converting fats into energy by replacing some of your carbohydrate allowance with more healthy dietary fats. This way, it will be ready to burn body fat for energy in the absence of food without withdrawal symptoms. Preparing your metabolic flexibility like this will make your cleansing journey a smoother ride with a growing sense of empowerment.

Those who are feeling unsure about how to start cleansing in a healthy balanced way will find our annual 3-Day Tranquil Cleansing Getaway in Tamborine Mountain a great way to experience how it feels to cleanse with the support of our passionate team in an intimate setting. Check out all the details at the link below … the testimonials are heart-warming.

Cleansing Products

Customized cleansing protocols cater to individual needs. Beginners should start gradually, progressing to longer periods. These protocols introduce liquid meal replacements initially, aiding transition to full fasting supplemented with detox-promoting herbs.

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