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DNA Genetic Testing

The challenges people face in relation to their health and wellbeing are different, and what works for some may not work for others. In addition, statistics clearly show that obesity, chronic disease and complex disorders are increasing at an alarming rate. These escalating figures indicate that the one-size-fits-all diet and lifestyle recommendations and conventional medicine approaches are not providing the required solutions.

Differences in our DNA have a profound impact on our looks (physical traits), behaviour, susceptibility to health and disease, as well as the way our body processes particular nutrients. It is caused by genetic variations, such as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Our DNA is made up of four nucleotides, also called bases: adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T) (see Figure1).

Structure of DNA

DNA testing is a sophisticated investigative tool which reveals an individual’s DNA code generally referred to as their DNA sequence. It identifies variations in chromosomes, genes and proteins, otherwise known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (see Figure 2) through obtaining a non-invasive sample from the body. A growing body of evidence, including both observational and randomised trials, suggests genetic testing provides a more targeted approach to providing appropriate dietary changes with better outcomes than conventional dietary recommendations.

Single Nucleotide

Some of our genes code for proteins that function as enzymes, receptors, transporters, structural proteins, hormones or neurotransmitters (see Figure 3). Depending on the function of the protein, genetic variations can impact our digestion, absorption, metabolism and utilisation of nutrients or our response to other environmental factors. Therefore, these genetic variations can affect how we respond to specific nutrients, giving each of us unique nutritional needs and distinctive traits.

Genes Code For Proteins

Genetic testing highlights the inter-relationships between genes, nutrition and lifestyle. A range of test panels have been developed that focus on key areas of health management, including mood, detoxification, methylation, hormones and fertility.

Comprehensive DNA Wellbeing Bundle $350

The Wellbeing Bundle provides a health summary of key single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and how these impact, and are impacted by, various processes in the body, including:

  • methylation
  • neurotransmitter production & function
  • hormone metabolism
  • detoxification
  • antioxidant status
  • nutrient metabolism, transport & absorption
  • cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk
  • energy metabolism
  • DNA expression


1. Make payment & fill out Testing Registration Form

Click on the ‘ORDER TEST’ button above and it will take you to the Naturopathic Testing Registration Form. Please fill out your details and make payment.

2. Conduct Test

The test will be posted to you and is conducted from the convenience of your own home.

Remove the swab from its pouch, and brush the inside of your cheek with the swab to take a sample.

Fill out the barcoded sticker with your details, place this sticker on the swab tube and place it back inside the pouch. Then simply post the completed test in the post pack provided, and keep a record of your DNA Test Kit number.

3. Book Review

Once your results are received from the lab, you will be contacted to book a 30min review via phone or zoom.