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Gut Health

We are more than just what we eat. We are what we metabolise, absorb and utilise.

There are many hoops to jump through, before food is broken down into its’ parts and successfully transported into circulation and delivered into our cells. How efficient and capable our digestive capacity is, dictates which nutrients and how many of them reach their target.

Most of us have had a few too many courses of antibiotics during our life, which has left its’ mark on reducing our microbiome diversity. This diversity is reduced further by our rather narrow diet diversity, due to the limited number of produce varieties chosen for commercial farming. Not to mention our celebration of carbohydrates like a celebrity of the food world causing excess fermentation of our microbiome, known as candida overgrowth. The accumulative effect of all these factors together have established a welcome environment for intestinal permeability known as ‘leaky gut’. Something most of us have not been able to avoid.

So, it is quite easy to appreciate that our opportunity to match the nutritional needs of our busy modern lifestyle with diet alone is a slim chance, at best. Oh, did I mention that all the stress also down-regulates nutrient absorption, too?

Fortunately, nutritional technology in the form of supplementation has surfaced as the hero of our dilemma. Consider it a biohack to help us close the gap between our compromised nutrient bioavailability and our super human expectations of our daily performance.

Undoubtedly, gut health is one of the most complex & also most crucial aspects of health … after all, it is the engine of the body. It’s also played a big part of my healing journey, and inspired my passion to understand your unique digestive behaviour & every detail impacting the way your body functions.

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