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Finding Health

Learn the art of finding your transformational pathway to optimal health & self empowerment!

"I have found working with my female clients the most rewarding because they are aware of themselves & those around them, they observe & articulate their health journey & appreciate the value of approaching health holistically"

Meet Kimballe

Specialist Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist & Bioresonance Practitioner.

“I provide you with an insightful, meaningful & personalised process that cultivates your optimal pathway toward empowerment, through resolving your health condition, reclaiming your vitality & enriching your quality of life. “

How I Can Help

Hormone Imbalance

The female monthly cycle provides a convenient barometer of your holistic health status. When hormones are balanced, female cycles should be symptom free.

Allergies & Immune

Histamine load & it's metabolism is the foundation of allergies & hypersensitivity. Leaky gut & stress integration provide the other main components of immune resilience.

Tranquil Cleansing Getaway

Learn the profound art of biodynamic cleansing that will extend your healthspan, elevate your immune resilience and enhance your quality of life.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a true immersion into cleansing that integrates every level of your being in a nurturing space with the professional support of experienced practitioners and an intimate retreat group.

No prior experience is required, all levels of cleansing experience will find great value in this comprehensive program.

Click below to learn more about our upcoming Getaway!

Gift Vouchers

Treat your loved ones to the gift of personalised health & wellness with our vouchers, redeemable for consultations. What better way to show your loved ones you really care, by giving them the gift of health.

Please note: Gift vouchers are not refundable and cannot be redeemed for product purchases, only for consultations. Your gift voucher will be emailed to the recipient.

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When we earth, free radicals and excess inflammation in our body (which have a positive charge) are neutralised by the earth’s free electrons (which have a negative charge). This is how earthing can help ease a wide variety of inflammation related health complaints from acid reflux to skin conditions to autoimmune conditions.

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Our Happy Bum Bags are changing lives.

Now not only are you able to relieve bloating, constipation and IBS symptoms yourself immediately from the comfort of home – but it’s revolutionised the way we detox and has become a staple in any gut health care routine.


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5-Star Care at home

This TGA registered medical device replicates nature’s beneficial air species including Oxygen at a size small enough to be inhaled into the lungs and enter the bloodstream for repeatable biological benefits.


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What they say...

Michelle Buchegger
Michelle Buchegger
With Kimballe's extensive knowledge and encouragement I have easily been able to improve my overall health. I have learnt so much from Kimballe in just a few sessions. I have recently run my best half marathon in years and can now deal with the day to day stresses of life much easier through increased energy levels and better stress management. Kimballe is very kind, caring and does a fantastic job at diagnosing and explaining health issues for me and my family.
sarah williams
sarah williams
I have seen tons of naturopaths, GP’s, iridologists, nutritionists, rheumatologists, energy healers, gut specialists the whole lot and spend well over 20k on my health in 10 years. Kimballe is the only one who has been able to properly figure out what’s wrong with me and help me. He is the only one I have seen huge changes with. He listens to my concerns and he explains everything so well that it’s easy for me to understand. I whole heartedly trust him with my health and can’t recommend him enough. I wish I had found him sooner. Thank you!!!
Dr Kimballe has been absolutely key during the healing journey of myself and family. He’s an observant, empathetic and resourceful therapist that always seeks to solve the root cause of multi-faceted issues. With his extensive knowledge in herbal medicine, Dr Kimballe is able to tap into the body’s needs in a harmonious, non-invasive manner. Dr Kimballe will always have your best interest in mind, his mission to help and improve other people’s lives is evident at all times. I highly respect his work and would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of alternative, holistic medical treatment.
Elishe Phipson
Elishe Phipson
Just wanted to share how well S (15 yrs old) has been doing. Since she has been eating what you suggested and taken the supplements and tonic you formulated, she has been headache free, stomach ache free and period pain free. She even feels better emotionally. From daily stomach pains, daily headaches and hectic periods we now never have to give her pain meds. She now has a normal short cycle and able to enjoy her sport, school and social life as she should. Its been amazing to see her make independent food choices even when with friends. (She quickly experienced the painful consequences of a sugary carb day, which made her even more determined to find alternatives no matter where she is.) She is still making her own treats and absolutely loves it. Her lunch box looks very different too. Its been wonderful to see her grow this knowledge about herself from such an early and important age. Thank you so much. 🤗🤗💛💛
Alicia Locke
Alicia Locke
What a Wonderful experience Kimballe is so thorough and knowledgeable. I feel very secure in my choice of practitioner to help me on my journey to rebuilding my health
Laura Adams
Laura Adams
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KIMBALLE!!! If you want to start treating the cause of your issues instead of treating the symptoms forever and getting no where, then book in with Kimballe!!!! I had no idea I could treat the cause itself, and so easily. My Symptoms: bad concentration, constant memory loss and forgetfulness all the time, loosing my belongings daily, could not retain information, struggling with communication and stuttering, no motivation and constant fatigue, hyperactive and irritated. Rosacea, eczema, asthma, hives, cold sores. I have had symptoms of ADHD since I was a child, which I refused was the case until about 2 years ago while working in Dental. I struggled mostly with memory and retaining information which is why I struggled at school. My concentration has always been terrible. I lost my belongings daily, and communication was hard even though I talk a lot. This effected my work life all the time, and put a strain on my partner who picked up the pieces. For 3 months I tried medication for their sake, It helped with work but I didn’t like the idea of harsh medication long term as well as some of the side effects I had experienced. So I stopped taking it. I contacted Kimballe in the hopes of finding something that could help me, other then conventional medication. I have followed his diet and protocol strictly for the last 2.5 months. Healing my microbiome and seeing significant changes in my ability to concentrate, retain information, and stay organised. The difference has been absolutely amazing already. My communication has changed a lot. I’m so much more relaxed and can think clearly. My colleges have noticed the change as well which is great. It’s all me and I’m so much more capable now. I can trust myself 😊 These seem like small changes to some but for me this effected my life all the time and I’d had enough of getting in my own way and being unreliable or putting others out. I have noticed a huge change in the rosacea I get over my cheeks as well, it’s basically gone. My skin is clear which other have commented on. My eczema hasn’t popped up at all, and my Asthma and allergies haven’t either which I hope is the case throughout winter where the Asthma flares up most. I understand how to control my microbiome after only 2.5 month. Kimballe has been so helpful if I’m unsure of ingredients or substitutes. He has given me knowledge I’ll take with me forever. Something we should have all been taught from birth or at school. I hope this review helps others discover this secret to a healthy body and brain. Thanks Kimballe 😊
Emma Child
Emma Child
I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of seeking Kimballe’s expertise and guidance for many years now. I considered myself a rather difficult client, with lots of unanswerable and seemingly vague, unresolvable complications. However, Kimballe helped me to dive deep into my health concerns to finally find the solutions I was searching for all these years. Kimballe’s wisdom, knowledge and determination has allowed me to restore and optimise my health at a core level. And for that, I am ever grateful!
Tracey Murphy
Tracey Murphy
I would highly recommend Kimballe, he is really good at what he does. A knowledgeable practitioner with a wide range of tools to support and heal the whole body. He’s helped me a lot through my health journey. I’ve seen many different practitioners and naturopaths and Kimballe is definitely my top choice.
Ben Grant
Ben Grant
I was struggling with headaches and balance for some time after a trip overseas. Kimballe was very thorough in treating me holistically. I saw him over 4 sessions and the symptoms have now all disappeared, naturally.
Gina Ralston
Gina Ralston
I spent decades reacting (facial hives, full body itching, inflammation, GI upset, fatigue, etc) to foods, chemicals, and environmental allergies with my medical doctors and specialists telling me I wasn't allergic to anything except some seasonal allergies and that my bloodwork and labs were textbook. They shrugged their shoulders and gave me medication. My first meeting with Kimballe gave me hope that I could feel "normal" again. I hadn't seen a doctor in decades that ever made me feel any less than crazy - I often even questioned my own perception of what was happening to my body even though the hard evidence was there! After a few months under Kimballe's care with restricting my diet for healing, bioresonance immunotherapy drops, nutritional supplements, and guidance, I have less fatigue, less hives, less inflammation, weightloss, and overall increased hope for my body to work for me instead of against me! I highly recommend working with him!

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