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"I have found working with my female clients the most rewarding because they are aware of themselves & those around them, they observe & articulate their health journey & appreciate the value of approaching health holistically"

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Specialist Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist & Bioresonance Practitioner.

“I provide you with an insightful, meaningful & personalised process that cultivates your optimal pathway toward empowerment, through resolving your health condition, reclaiming your vitality & enriching your quality of life. “

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Hormone Imbalance

The female monthly cycle provides a convenient barometer of your holistic health status. When hormones are balanced, female cycles should be symptom free.

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a side effect of an overactive nervous system. Overexposure to chronic stress will deplete adrenal capacity to secrete cortisol.

Weight Loss

Whether your body burns fat or stores it is determined by insulin. The two main drivers that spike insulin are carbohydrates & stress.

Allergies & Immune

Histamine load & it's metabolism is the foundation of allergies & hypersensitivity. Leaky gut & stress integration provide the other main components of immune resilience.

Anxiety & Sleep

Activation of the 'Fight or Flight' state interrupts the body's housekeeping functions, such as; hormones, immune, digestion, healing & melatonin production.


The predominant underlying cause of all digestive issues is leaky gut caused by excess fermentation within the microbiome, leading to allergies, fatigue & autoimmune.

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