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Allergies & Immune

How you can restore immune resilience

Our immune system is confronted by a ridiculously long list of chemical residues to decipher good from bad. While at the same time trying to do it’s best under the suppression of high levels of chronic stress. Despite this unrealistic expectation, the immune system often receives the blame for being over-reactive or confused. Similar intolerances can also apply to healthy, beneficial substances. This can emerge for a range of reasons, such as; over-exposure, traumatic events, intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and auto-immune anomalies. As a consequence, a growing number of people are developing multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies. Bioresonance immunotherapy offers improvement to this spectrum.

The main objectives to restore immune resilience is to reduce the burden of stress, minimise the degree of leaky gut, blunt candida overgrowth and regular forms of cleansing. Observing these factors will keep the lymphatic pathways open, making it much easier for your immune system to eliminate pathogens, metabolites, toxins, microbes and infection.

The language of the immune system is one of energetic frequency. All substances and organisms alike can be measured by vibrational waves in Hertz (Hz), also known as frequency signatures. Bioresonance technologies are designed to capture and deliver these signatures with adjusted potency. Recalibrating the immune response can be achieved by reducing these signatures to such a tiny, homeopathic potency that it no longer antagonises immune surveillance and thus offers the opportunity to gradually increase dosage until it is once again well tolerated.

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