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Digestive behaviour

We are more than just what we eat, we are what we metabolise, absorb and utilise. There are many hoops to jump through, before food is broken down into its’ parts and successfully transported into circulation and delivered into our cells. How efficient and capable our digestive capacity is, dictates which nutrients and how many of them reach their target.

Leaky gut, candida overgrowth and microbiome imbalance (dysbiosis) has slowly become the silent ‘elephant in the room’ of declining human health, since the industrial revolution began in the 19th century. When leaky gut continues unmanaged for many years, digestive dysfunction becomes advanced enough to develop into one of the many diagnosable gastrointestinal conditions. Food intolerances and allergies have become an all too common feature (even with young children), not only compromising nutrient absorption but often causing chronic digestive injury.

Fortunately, nutritional technology in the form of supplementation has surfaced as the hero of our dilemma. Consider it a biohack to help us close the gap between our compromised nutrient bioavailability and our super human expectations of our daily performance.

Complete Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) $197

The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) is an advanced non-invasive diagnostic tool for assessing gastrointestinal function. As the CDSA combines a large number of tests that evaluate the function of the gastrointestinal tract, a comprehensive picture of a patients gut health can be
obtained. The analysis investigates digestion, metabolism, pancreatic function, the balance of beneficial bacteria and the presence of pathological bacteria, yeast and parasites. The CDSA level 2 test also reports on markers for Coeliac disease, gastric ulcers, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and colorectal cancer.

Download CDSA Sample Report

GI-MAP Test $440

The GI-MAP test is one of the most comprehensive stool tests on the market. It allows your health care practitioner to see what is happening inside your gastrointestinal system. The test focuses on specific microbes that tend to disturb the normal balance of your microbiome which can cause digestive problems as well as other chronic health conditions.

The test is ideal for those suffering from digestive complaints such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, reflux, stomach pain, irritable bowel, and inflammatory bowel conditions. This test is also valuable for those suffering hormonal imbalances as the test measures Beta glucuronidase which can affect the detoxification of estrogen, leading to estrogen dominant conditions.

If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression this can be strongly influenced by your gut bacteria, research suggests the gut has a strong influence on brain health.

The GI-Map screens the body for commensal and pathogenic bacteria, parasites, fungi, opportunistic pathogens and viruses all which can have a negative impact on your health if imbalanced.

The GI-Map also tests for leaky gut, pancreatic function, gut immune response and gut mediated inflammation providing your healthcare practitioner a clear view of what is happening in your gastrointestinal tract enabling them to formulate an individual and effective treatment for your needs.

Download GI-Map Sample Report


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