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Earthing Bed Sheet (Queen)

QUEEN SIZE ONLY (contact us for other mattress size requirements).
Dimensions: 153cm x 203cm x 40cm deep walls

This earthing or grounding underlay is made in Australia from patented grounding fabric made from Antibacterial Tencel and medical grade Stainless Steel fibre. It is highly conductive, soft and breathable, and cannot be damaged by creams, lotions, magnesium oils or essential oils.

Price is inclusive of GST.


Place directly below the cotton sheets that you sleep on, and on top of your electric blanket or mattress protector. No direct skin contact is needed. If you have an allergy to nickel in stainless steel or 9 to 14-carat gold, then avoid direct skin contact while sleeping on this product. Walls or sides on this fitted underlay are 100% cotton.

This product is supplied with a 5metre straight Earthing lead and adapter for grounding indoors (not interchangeable with other brands of leads/adapters). All Earthing leads have a built in 10Kohm safety resistor.

Care Instructions: Wash each 3-6 months in the washing machine in warm to hot water to help remove body oils. We suggest pre soaking beforehand in an Oxidiser soaker. Do not use Bleach as it will degrade the antibacterial fibre. Do not tumble dry or dry clean.