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Earthing Fabric Mat

60 x 47cm earthing fabric grounding mat is a versatile product that you can use while resting at home or at the office. It is highly conductive and works through clothing. You can sit on it on the sofa, use it as a mini-sleep pad in bed, or rest your arms on it at your desk.

Price is inclusive of GST.


The stainless steel fibres in this Earthing fabric are more conductive than any carbon based or black earthing mat. It comes with a 5-Year Warranty on its earthing effectiveness.

Sold as a complete kit with 5metre straight Earthing lead and adapter for grounding indoors.

Fabric: Surgical grade 316L solid stainless steel fibres (30%), cotton (35%) and polyester (35%) for toughness and durability. Inside Felt Composition (1mm thick): Antibacterial German-made natural mineral fibre (12%), Tencel (68%), Polyester (20%).

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle with low spin to retain shape. Line dry. Iron on low /synthetic heat setting with steam.


Light Plum, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, Royal Blue