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Women's Hormone Diet

Women benefit greatly by adjusting their diet to match the various phases of their menstrual cycle. To understand in more detail, click here to read the blog summary of Dr Mindy Pelz book ‘Fast Like A Girl’.

The Power Phase begins after completion of menstruation until Day 20, about a week after ovulation. This window is when women are most resilient with the a greater capacity to rise to physical challenges like more intensive exercise and cleansing protocols. A low carbohydrate diet with high healthy fats (Paleo/Keto) is helpful during this estrogenic phase. There is a brief pre-ovulation Manifestation Phase where small quantities of phytoestrogen foods can be included.

The Nurture Phase begins from Day 20 until menstruation. This is the time to replace strenuous challenges with self-care practices. Avoid fasting during this phase and include a small portion of a healthy carb each day to promote the production of progesterone.

Post-menopausal women can follow the same cycle by replacing menstruation with the New Moon and ovulation with the Full Moon.