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Cleansing Packs

Tailored Cleansing Protocols

Please reach out to Kimballe for guidance with matching the best cleansing pack to suit your personal needs.

There are various patterns of cleansing protocols to suit individual needs. For those just starting out, it is best to start gradually and work your way up to longer extended days.

The protocols below are designed to ease you into cleansing with some liquid meal replacements to help you through the day until you feel ready to have a go at full fasting with just the supplements and herbs that promote detoxification at a deeper level in the absence of food.

Any of the cleansing packages below are suitable, depending on your experience and detox goals. Some suggested cleansing routines, as follows (block cleansing days together for the best results):

  • x1 day/week
  • x2 days/fortnight
  • x4-5 days/month

Cleansing can be modified to suit everyone’s needs. However, the following types should avoid water only fasting:

  • Pregnant mothers
  • Children under 13yrs
  • Underweight (BMI less than 20)
  • Elderly over 80yrs

Cleansing Packs

Complete Cleanse Pack

200ml Worm & Parasite Tincture, CDS, matrix phase detox, psyllium husk, diatomaceous earth, toxaprevent, bluzone.

Price includes postage within Australia.