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Starter Cleanse Pack

Ionic Detox Minerals, CDS, Herbal Fibreblend.

Price includes postage within Australia.



Complete Ocean Mineral Complex
Over 70 Ionic (Bioavailable) Sea Minerals
Fresh Immune Herbal Extracts
Stinging Nettle, Papaya Seed, Spanish Thyme, Nasturtium, Sheep Sorrell
Bioenergised with Homeo-Vibrational Frequency Signatures
Optimising heavy metal chelation, lymphatic drainage & cellular cleansing
pH Balance
High magnesium content, alkalize acidic metabolites
Fluid viscosity, blood pressure regulation
Nerve signaling, muscle function
Cellular Respiration
Absorb nutrients into cells, eliminate toxins out of cells


Oxidising Biocide
Effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms & pathogens
Oxidant against Anaerobic Pathogens
Contact with stomach acid releases nascent oxygen, targets acid-loving pathogens
Environmentally Safe
Does not have harmful by-products like bleach, biodegradable
Dissolved Gas
Can diffuse into biofilm & toxins to neutralise pathogenic microorganisms
Topical Antiseptic
Effective for burns, herpes, shingles & skin infections
Difference to Chlorine
Unlike Chlorine, CDS does not react with organic matter in water to form harmful byproducts
Similar to ozone, CDS operates through the free radical electrophile (electron attraction) process
It also has a shorter half-life than chlorine, avoiding over-disinfection


Alfalfa – Relieves constipation and reduces cholesterol
Black Walnut Hulls – Reduces intestinal parasites and improves bowel movement
Cayenne Fruit – Promotes cleansing of the circulatory and digestive systems, regulates blood pressure
Cascara Bark & Yucca Root – Stimulates evacuation from the bowel, promotes peristaltic digestive muscular contraction
Hibiscus Flower – Hibiscus sabdariffa – Lubricates the intestinal tract
Irish Moss – Helps form bulky stools
Licorice Root – Demulcent, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic
Marshmallow Root & Witch Hazel – Mucilagenic, nourishes mucous membrane
Oat Stem & Mullein – Sooth stomach cramps
Passionflower – Calms the nervous system and soothes an irritable bowel
Psyllium Husk – Softens & and helps form bulk in stool, removes excess cholesterol
Pumpkin Seeds – Cucurbita pepo – Expels parasites
Rose Hips – Has a calming effect to reduce stress, helps fight infection
Slippery Elm Bark – Acts as a mucilage, a sticky substance with adhesive qualities
Violet Leaf, Pumpkin Seeds & Horsetail – Cleanse and expel parasites