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IV Therapy

Infinity Immune   |   $150  $135

A high dose of Vitamin C to boost the immune system and support overall health. Vitamin C

Infinity Wellness   |   $225  $202.50

Enhance overall wellness and support immune function with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, B Complex, Magnesium, Zinc, B12.

Infinity Recovery   |   $265  $238.50

Accelerate your body’s healing process and alleviate fatigue with an infusion specialised in aiding in post-workout recovery. INFINITY WELLNESS + Proline, Lysine, Glycine.

Infinity Glutathione   |   $150  $135

Glutathione is the body’s primary antioxidant for inflammation, recovery and repair.


IV Therapy

Infinity Immune, Infinity Wellness, Infinity Recovery, Infinity Glutathione