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Medical Wellness

Exclusive Wellness Offer

For all of my valued clients – Enjoy a 10% discount on selected IV Therapies, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Red Light, and Cryotherapy located at Infinity IV & Wellness in Currumbin, Gold Coast. Whether you want to boost your energy, enhance your immunity, or simply feel revitalized, now is the perfect time to invest in your well-being.  

Select from one of the therapies below and book your session today to take advantage of this exclusive offer just for you.

IV Therapy

Revitalise your body with our customised IV Therapy, infusing essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy enhances healing by delivering pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber to tissues.

Red Light Therapy

Embrace the healing power to rejuvenate your skin and enhance cellular health.



Explore Cryotherapy, a cutting-edge method for accelerating recovery, reduce pain & inflammation, and boost mood.

IV Therapy

If you do not have an existing prescription for your IV nutrients, please inform Infinity IV & Wellness staff that you will require a brief medical Telehealth prescription consult. It will require a $35 Telehealth Consult. This is a one off requirement valid for 12 months.

Infinity Immune   |   $150  $135

A high dose of Vitamin C to boost the immune system and support overall health. Vitamin C

Infinity Wellness   |   $225  $202.50

Enhance overall wellness and support immune function with a blend of essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, B Complex, Magnesium, Zinc, B12.

Infinity Recovery   |   $265  $238.50

Accelerate your body’s healing process and alleviate fatigue with an infusion specialised in aiding in post-workout recovery. INFINITY WELLNESS + Proline, Lysine, Glycine.

Infinity Glutathione   |   $150  $135

Glutathione is the body’s primary antioxidant for inflammation, recovery and repair.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised chamber to increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream, promoting healing and reducing inflammation by enhancing oxygen delivery to tissues and organs throughout the body. Our serene, spacious chamber ensures a comfortable and less claustrophobic experience, making it ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Select from one of the options below to view prices:   

Red Light Therapy

Experience the cutting-edge advancement in therapeutic technology with NovoThor whole-body Red Light Therapy.

Harnessing the power of scientifically proven red light wavelengths, NovoThor offers a non-invasive approach to promoting healing and rejuvenation at the cellular level.

Casual Session   |   $100  $90


Cryotherapy, a breakthrough in wellness science, offers a range of benefits including reduced inflammation, accelerated recovery, and a boost in energy levels.

This innovative cold therapy can significantly enhance your overall wellbeing, making it a popular choice among health enthusiasts on the Gold Coast.

Casual Session   |   $79  $71.10


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