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Medical Intuitive


Introducing Emma

Emma doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t know we are all connected to something far bigger than we know, which led her to an interest in wholeness; mind, body and spirit all being connected.  

She believes the human body is like an antenna to higher realms. When in balance, we can truly feel the joy in simply being alive. Emma knows that the human path is a hard one but it is not without reward. 

She believes it is an acceleration process of the soul’s journey – where we have the opportunity to remember who we really are. We are powerful entities with many abilities that sometimes go untapped for many lifetimes.

 Emma can help you on your journey to truly know yourself, and your true capabilities.

Medical Intuition provides an in-depth insight into underlying aspects of your current state of health and wellness.

Medical Intuitive Readings can highlight hidden health issues and imbalances that are present &/or developing within the body. These are often associated with past or current habits, behaviours, patterns or stored traumas in the body, which may include childhood, genetic, ancestral or past life.

During the reading, Emma is shown current issues occurring as well as issues that are yet to come and what led to them. She is then shown guidance to help and support you moving forward toward health and wellness in a holistic way.

Reading will be shared with Kimballe for integration into your holistic health plan.