Tranquil Cleansing Getaway


Are you feeling sluggish and feel the need for a reset?
Do you long to feel refreshed and energetic in the morning?
Do you want to uplevel your immune resilience?

If this is you... then this 3-day retreat is what you've been waiting for!

Learn the profound art of biodynamic cleansing that will extend your healthspan, elevate your immune resilience and enhance your quality of life.

No prior experience is required, all levels of cleansing experience will find great value in this comprehensive program.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a true immersion into cleansing that integrates every level of your being in a nurturing space with the professional support of experienced practitioners and an intimate retreat group.

Enjoy the unique collaboration of Naturopath Kimballe Robyzen & Breath Medicine Alchemist Daisy Kaye for 3 days on private acreage in the tranquil surroundings of Tamborine Mountain.

Getaway Dates

9 - 11
FEB 2024

11 - 13
OCT 2024

Why cleanse? And what are the benefits?

Cleansing has many benefits such as hormonal balance, improved sleep quality, enhanced inner peace, and reduced inflammation in the body. However, it’s important to note that the benefits can vary depending on an individual’s unique health situation. For instance, some might experience relief from joint pain, while others may see improvements in blood sugar or digestion. The cleansing process targets the areas or organ systems that are struggling the most, so the benefits are personalised to one’s specific health concerns.

Additionally, cleansing allows your body to thrive by giving your digestive system a break. This reconnects us with a historic aspect of our past when food scarcity was prevalent. Our hope is that this experience inspires you to integrate biodynamic cleansing and as a regular part of your self-care routine and overall lifestyle, naturally tuning you into your body’s needs and fostering long-term well-being.

Getaway Details

Location: Mt Tamborine, Gold Coast

Accommodation: Range from $30/night for camping to $150/night for Luxe Minibus apartment. Extended stays available upon request.

Included Activities: Iridology, Infrared Sauna, Spa, Nature Walk, Creek Bathing, Journaling, coffee enemas, Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Reflexology).

Food: Bone Broth, Veggie Broth, Celery Juice, Fat Bombs, Herbal Teas from the garden, Superfood Elixir, Ionic Drinking Minerals.

Supplements: Diatomaceous Earth, Psyllium Husk, Herbal Fibreblend, Homeopathic Detox Minerals, Detox Clear Formula & a wide range of naturopathic symptom support products.


Also included in your Detox Retreat package is a BONUS Naturopathic Consultation with Kimballe Robyzen. During your consultation Kimballe will:

  • Perform an Iridology Assessment
  • Take detailed case notes outlining your holistic health picture
  • Discuss your health goals, history and priorities to understand your individual needs
  • Consider clinical lab test options, if warranted
  • Collaborate with you to define your ultimate strategy
  • Outline a personalised step-by-step plan for your health journey


Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is applied Qigong in the form of abdominal reflexology. It is a biodynamic healing touch modality that integrates, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of your being.

CNT abdominal deep yet soft massage trains internal organs to work more effectively. Integrating with breath medicine will often release stuck emotional trauma, allowing your innate healing powers to repair healthy function.


Coffee enemas promote liver detoxification via enterohepatic dilation of the bile duct. Toxins, heavy metals, parasites, fungus, biofilm & yeast are flushed out in the process … a great combination while cleansing!


YoQi is a fusion of Yoga and Qigong, a flowing blend of conscious intention that integrates breath and movement to clear meridian channels and enhance organ function. During the practice you will be guided through the process of tuning into and balancing your multi-dimensional energy system.


Naomi, our Lymphatic Fascia Flow Therapist, uses a unique method of cupping and vacuum flow to stimulate and move lymph fluid. Not only does Naomi’s technique encourage the movement and detoxification of stagnant lymph, it also releases tight muscles and fascia that encourages blood circulation. Her facial lymph stimulates collagen production, whilst plumping and exfoliating the skin. A powerful way to optimise the elimination of waste and toxins from the body.

Getaway Pricing

Deposit of $350 is paid online, balance is to be paid in cash on arrival. Price does not include accommodation & travel.


If purchased more than one month of Retreat
$ 700


If purchased within one month of Retreat
$ 800

Group Program

Flexibility to suit group needs may apply


Time Activity
Arrival & Check-in
Opening Circle & Retreat Introduction
Educational Presentation: Why & How to Cleanse
Herbal Fibreblend
Free Time for Self-Care & Treatments
Clearing Ritual
Nourishing Self-Care Practise & Meditation


Time Activity
Detox Supplements
Celery Juice
Free Time for Self-Care & Treatments
Detox Supplements
Manifesting Ritual & Herbal Garden Tour
Fat Bomb Recipe Workshop
Educational Presentation How to Individualise Cleansing
Free Time for Self-Care & Treatments with Herbal Fibreblend interval
Breath Medicine
Blue Lotus Ceremony & Elemental Alchemy


Time Activity
Detox Supplements
Forest Bathing
Celery Juice
Free Time for Self-Care & Treatments
Superfood Elixir Recipe Workshop
Self-Care Take Home Tools
Closing Circle, Q&A, Celebration
Departure & Safe Travels

Meet your facilitators


Specialist Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist & Bioresonance Practitioner.

Kimballe is an experienced Naturopath specialising in women’s health, allergies, hormones, gut and mental health. He frequently works with interstate clients via Zoom or phone. His clinical remote testing skills are well suited to supporting his clients by distance. Kimballe specialises in crafting the ideal pathway to reach your health goals, in an easy-to-follow and sustainable way.


Founder of the School of Breath Medicine, Body & Breath worker, Tao Tantric Practitioner.

Daisy Kaye, founder of Breath Medicine, has been teaching for over 25 years world-wide, including teacher trainings for the last 7 years. Daisy is a Universal Tao Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator, bodyworker, herbalist and founder of Sacred Cacao and 5-Element Dance. Her methods create harmony through integration and personal responsibility of mind, body and spirit.


Lymphatic Fascia Flow Therapist

Naomi uses a unique method of cupping and vacuum flow to stimulate and move lymph fluid. Not only does Naomi’s technique encourage the movement and detoxification of stagnant lymph, it also releases tight muscles and fascia that encourages blood circulation. Her facial lymph stimulates collagen production, whilst plumping and exfoliating the skin. A powerful way to optimise the elimination of waste and toxins from the body.

Passion 4 Lymph


Medical Doctor

Dr Tim is a medical doctor with 30 years experience, as a rural doctor & hospital medicine including obstetrics. He has worked closely with holistic practitioners to achieve better results for his patients using an integrated medicine approach. Dr Tim is passionate about using food, vitamins and minerals for health and healing to help reduce as many unnecessary or harmful pharmaceuticals as possible. As part of the retreat he is offering individual sessions to those interested in reducing their medications in a safe way. Also looking at all aspects of your health in more depth than generally offered by GPs.

Frequently asked questions

Our holistic detoxification approach seamlessly aligns with the “biodynamic” concept. We blend Yin practices and clinical expertise to create a multi-layered detox process. Unlike rigid protocols, we embrace diverse modalities, akin to biodynamic farming’s holistic principles. Our approach goes beyond the physical, prioritizing mental well-being, including forgiveness and emotional release. Over three days, we aim to foster deep self-love and self-compassion, forging a profound body connection. We provide accessible, supportive programs with ample resources, led by a passionate, diverse team. Individualized supplements and herbs, iridology analyses, and expert guidance cater to unique needs.

We’ve invested a significant focus on tailoring fasting regimens for women, as it differs from men’s fasting requirements. Syncing detox efforts with menstrual cycle phases is crucial, with retreats usually scheduled around ovulation but adjusted for menstruation. The power phase, post-menstruation to ovulation, suits calorie restriction or cleansing, while premenstrual care is essential during vulnerability.

Personal constitution plays a role, with some women fasting during menstruation and others finding grounding in regular meals. Support is readily available during the retreat, and adjustments can be made as needed. Self-regulation practices are also taught to manage overwhelm. The retreat offers both solitude and communal spaces, and detox products are integrated into cycles to aid in the process. Overall, our approach ensures a personalized and flexible detox experience aligned with individual needs, constitution, and the menstrual cycle.

If you find yourself struggling during the retreat, rest assured, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our team covers medical and natural therapies, as well as energetic support. You have the freedom to adjust your approach as needed, without overcommitting to something beyond your capacity. Moreover, your co-host Daisy, specialises in trauma-informed therapy and will be able share self-regulation practices that you can use to manage overwhelm and maintain balance.

Our program includes three main categories: bioresonance or frequency vibrational products (like Detox Drops), products that promote elimination pathways (including chlorella, spirulina, and broccoli sprout), and binders (such as fibers and diatomaceous earth). These products are integrated into the program in cycles to support your detox journey.

It’s important to ease into the detox experience. Ideally, you should plan ahead and give yourself a lead-up period to make some key dietary adjustments. Begin by eliminating or reducing common culprits like coffee, alcohol, and processed sugars.

Drawing from my personal journey with detoxification programs, one valuable approach involves minimizing carbohydrates while increasing healthy fats. This balanced shift helps your body adapt to burning fat more efficiently, which is a crucial aspect of detoxification since many toxins are stored in adipose tissue. Think of it as metabolic training for your immune system. By adjusting your diet in this manner, you make the detox process less daunting and more manageable.

Watch the full FAQ video below


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